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Current Shows in production on Regent Park TV

Regent Park TV News - is a broadcast news show serving Regent Park and the surrounding neighbourhoods including Moss Park, Cabbagetown and St. Jamestown. The news show is dedicated to keeping residents informed about the issues and going-on’s of their neighbourhood.

Do you have an idea  or issue for a news story?  Do you want to be a news journalist?  Contact us

Radio Regent Presents – is a broadcast show featuring various music and talk radio shows on Radio Regent that have been filmed for broadcast on Regent Park TV. Are you a radio programmer with Radio Regent?

Would you like your radio show filmed for broadcast on Regent Park TV? Contact us.

Regent Park: The Past, Present and Future - is a TV series that engages past and present residents of Regent Park into sharing their memories and experiences of living in Regent Park and their thoughts about the changing nature of neighbourhood.

Are you a former or current resident of Regent Park? Would you like to share your experiences and perspective of the community on Regent Park TV? Contact us.

Chatting with Lloyd – Lloyd is an active resident in the Regent Park community. In this television series, Lloyd interviews Regent Park residents about their lives.

Are you a resident of Regent Park. Would you like to be on the next chatting with Lloyd show?  Contact Us.

Job Search Engineer - is a series featuring short tips on finding a Job. Do you have a question for the Job Search Engineer? Contact us.