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What's on Regent Park TV 991?

Regent Park TV is your community TV Station. We are dedicated to: broadcasting neighbourhood meetings; profiling the people and groups making change; covering news and issues impacting the community; and showcasing youth and community created content including dramas, documentaries, animation, children shows and other show formats.  Tune in regularly and see what is on the channel. There will always be something new.  

Shows on the Regent Park TV channel are scheduled in a 8-hour program cycle.  Over 24 hour period a show will appear 3 times. As  new shows are produced, they will be inserted into the 8-hour program cycle and older shows will be removed.  The schedule is updated weekly and shows that you missed on the channel can be found by visiting the Regent Park TV Youtube Channel.

The following is an updated listing of all the latest shows on the RPTV 991 Channel as of April 11, 2020. The shows are listed in order of broadcast:

The Regent Park Laneway Naming Proposal (17:10 mins)-In this segment, Regent Park TV covers a Regent Park laneway naming proposal in the memory of Ismathara Ratna, a community member and mother of three, who was tragically killed on June 20, 2019, in a hit-and-run by a driver who was impaired.

Community Safety: In Conversation with Bill Blair (31:14 mins) -Honourable MP Bill Blair, reminiscences on his time as a divisional commander in Regent Park. Minister Blair also discusses gun violence in Toronto and the recent Liberal government’s decision to ban some 1500 military-grade “assault-style” weapons.

Finding A Job during the Coronavirus Pandemic (35:42 mins) -With estimates of over two million people out of work, RPTV discusses the current unemployment situation with employment consultant, Wayne Greenway who offers helpful tips on finding a new job in the current environment.

Community Benefits and the Regent Park Coalition (25:26 mins) -Walied Khogali, outlines the work of the Regent Park Coalition, a resident-based group that is working to ensure that the community benefits agreements that is negotiated between the selected developer, City of Toronto and Toronto Community Housing, will strongly benefit the Regent Park community.

Regent Park– Virtual Town Hall of Thursday May 28, 2020 (2:15:01 mins) - A community meeting held to promote community awareness of supports available to residents during Covid-19. The event was hosted by the Regent Park Safety Network (RPSN) - a working group of the Regent Park Social Development Table and live streamed on the Regent Park TV-Youtube Channel.

BILL MORNEAU: A conversation with the Minister of Finance (23:00 mins) - In this interview the Honourable Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre speaks about the challenges the ward is facing as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, as Canada's Minister of Finance, Morneau had much to say about the government's financial response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Encampments and the Homeless Community (30:51 mins) -On today’s episode, we examine the appearance of homeless encampments that are becoming more common place in and around downtown areas including Regent Park.

The Salvation Army Regent Park Food Bank (23:24 mins) - In this episode we speak with Brianne Zelinsky, about the Salvation Army’s Regent Park food bank.

Radio Regent's Special Coverage of Toronto Protests (20:24 mins)- In this special audio-video episode of Radio Regent News & Views we examine the incredible events of recent days, a watershed historical moment in which mass protests have erupted, north and south of the border, in reaction to systematic police violence against people of color.

The Fight for CCTV Surveillance Cameras (5:05 mins) — 220 Oak Street is a Toronto Community Housing apartment building located in Regent Park, in the area of River and Oak Streets. Residents of the building have experienced a number of incidents of violence over the years leading them to mobilize around the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras. Miguel Avilla-Vellarde a resident, has been instrumental in advocating for cameras.

Canada Comics Open Library (11:03 mins) - a news piece about a unique comic library in Regent Park dedicated to diversity.

The Fight for our Homes (12:25 mins) - a news piece about residents of a rooming house on Jarvis Street who are fighting eviction from a developer.

A Safer Shutter Street (11:06 mins)- a piece about the proposed construction of a revitalized street bordering the neighbourhood.

OCAD and The Regent Park Sewing Studio (6:57 mins) - a news piece about OCAD's (Ontario College of Art's) engagement and partnership with a Regent Park women’s sewing collective.

Regent Park Goes to City Hall (53:16 mins) - Community Deputations in support of City funding to the Regent Park Social Development Plan (SDP), a plan to support the social infrastructure of Regent Park.

TCHC Community Update Meeting (39:24) - The Regent Park TCHC Community Up-Date Meeting, held on Feb 18, 2020 at the Regent Park Community Centre, brought together representatives from Toronto Community Housing (TCH), residents, and other community members to learn what the status of the newest buildings, who the three short-listed developers are, and discuss the community benefits plan.

Regent Park’s Youth Outreach Worker (30:18 mins) - The role of High Risk Youth Workers in the community.

Housing as a Human Right (15:20 mins) – In 2019, Canada signed in law legislation recognizing the right to housing. Yet many people in Canada live in homes that are inadequate or unaffordable, and many others are chronically homeless. In Regent Park, despite a massive redevelopment and doubling of the resident population, no ADDITIONAL public housing units will be built. Is the notion of, "housing as a human right" just a symbolic one? We talk to researcher and educator, Emily Paradis to set the framework for the discussions to follow.

Covid-16 and the Toronto Homeless Population (11:23 mins) - With everyone forced to stay inside, what is the fate of those members of our society who are homeless and living in shelters, on the street or attending drop-ins? How are they managing and are they safe? This video features David Reycraft, the Director of Housing with Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services, a social service agency in downtown east Toronto.

Understanding Section 37 & Community Benefits (22.49 mins) -Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) is currently in the process of selecting a developer to construct phrases 4 & 5 of the Regent Park Redevelopment. As part of this process TCHC, in partnership with the City of Toronto, must negotiate with the chosen developer to determine the Section 37 charges, namely the contribution the developer will make to the City or to the community, in exchange for carrying out the development. In this episode of RPTV news, we seek to reveal some of the issues behind Section 37 in an effort to understand what community benefits is all about.

Understanding the Basic Income Pilot (22:21 mins) - The Ontario Basic Income Pilot was a study initiated in 2017 by the Liberal government under former Premier Kathleen Wynn and cancelled in 2018 by the Conservative government under Premier Doug Ford. In this episode of Regent Park TV News, we interview Wayne Lewchuck, a McMaster University labour and economics professor, who was the lead researcher and author of a report on the study of the former participants of the Basic Income Pilot in Hamilton.

The Basic Income: a conversation with Hugh Segal (30:39 mins) - As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect the global community, governments around the world are increasingly feeling the pressure to provide some kind of basic income to millions who are now out of work. In this episode of RPTV we will be speaking with former Senator Hugh Segal about the notion of Basic Income.

Keeping Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic (3:29 mins) - In this segment of Regent Park TV, Reporter, Kajaani T, reminds us about the daily importance of safety practices in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Impact of Coronavirus on local businesses – Gushi Japanese Street Food (17:42) - Join Regent Park TV for a social distancing walk along Parliament Street and see the visual impact that the coronavirus has had on the local business community. Lets stop at the Gushi Japanese Street Food, a restaurant located at Parliament and Gerrard.

Staying Healthy in the face of Covid-19 and other Personal Challenges - (16:11 mins) In today's segment of RPTV News, we speak to Louisa Jewell who is the founder of The Canadian Positive Psychology Association. Louisa offers her opinion on how people can better cope with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Impact of the Coronavirus on local businesses (14:45 mins) – Parliament Optical. Join Regent Park TV for a social distancing walk along Parliament Street and see the visual impact that the coronavirus has had on the local business community. Lets stop at Parliament Optical, about how the optical store is coping.

Is Your Building Connected to RPTV?

The following is a confirm list of buildings connected to the RPTV Channel on Roger's Cable 991:

TCHC - Regent Park

246 Sackville Ave

TCHC - Regent Park

252 Sackville Ave

One Cole

25 Cole Street

Market Towns

1 Cole Street

TCHC - Regent Park

1 Oak Street

One Park West

260 Sackville Avenue


225 Sackville

230 Sackville (Rental)

230 Sackville

Block 25 South

55 Regent Park Blvd.

One Park Place

170 Sumach Street


200 Sackville Street

Sutton Collection

380 Shuter St

Wyatt Condos

20 Tubman Street

Artworks West Tower B (under construction)

135 River/35 Tubman

DuEast - West Tower (under construction)

130 River St

Artworks East Tower A (under construction)

135 River/35 Tubman

DuEast Boutique East (under construction)

35 Tubman Ave