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Empowering Individuals and Communities to Tell Their Own Stories

What's on Regent Park TV 991?

Regent Park TV is your community TV Station.  We are dedicated to: broadcasting neighbourhood meetings; profiling the people and groups making change; covering news and issues impacting the community; and showcasing youth and community created content including dramas, documentaries, animation, children shows and other show formats.  Tune in regularly and see what is on the channel. There will always be something new.  

Shows on the Regent Park TV channel are scheduled in a 8-hour program cycle.  Over 24 hour period a show will appear 3 times. As  new shows are produced, they will be inserted into the 8-hour program cycle and older shows will be removed.  The schedule is updated weekly and shows that you missed on the channel can be found by visiting the Regent Park TV Youtube Channel.  

The following is an updated listing of all the current shows on the RPTV 991 Channel.  The shows are listed in order of broadcast:

The Fight for CCTV Surveillance Cameras (5:05 mins) — 220 Oak Street is a Toronto Community Housing apartment building located in Regent Park, in the area of River and Oak Streets. Residents of the building have experienced a number of incidents of violence over the years leading them to mobilize around the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras. Miguel Avilla-Vellarde a resident, has been instrumental in advocating for cameras.

Canada Comics Open Library (11:03 mins) - a news piece about a unique comic library in Regent Park dedicated to diversity.

The Fight for our Homes (12:25 mins) - a news piece about residents of a rooming house on Jarvis Street who are fighting eviction from a developer.

A Safer Shutter Street (11:06 mins)- a piece about the proposed construction of a revitalized street bordering the neighbourhood.

OCAD and The Regent Park Sewing Studio (6:57 mins) - a news piece about OCAD's (Ontario College of Art's) engagement and partnership with a Regent Park women’s sewing collective.

The Fight for our Homes (12:26 mins)- a piece about residents of a rooming house who are fighting eviction from a developer.

Canada Comics Open Library (11:04 mins) — a piece about a unique comic library in Regent Park dedicated to diversity.

Regent Park Goes to City Hall (53:16 mins) - Community Deputations in support of City funding to the Regent Park Social Development Plan (SDP), a plan to support the social infrastructure of Regent Park.

Regent Park’s Youth Outreach Worker (30:18 mins) - The role of High Risk Youth Workers in the community.

Housing as a Human Right (15:20 mins) – In 2019, Canada signed in law legislation recognizing the right to housing. Yet many people in Canada live in homes that are inadequate or unaffordable, and many others are chronically homeless. In Regent Park, despite a massive redevelopment and doubling of the resident population, no ADDITIONAL public housing units will be built. Is the notion of, "housing as a human right" just a symbolic one? We talk to researcher and educator, Emily Paradis to set the framework for the discussions to follow.

Is Your Building Connected to RPTV?

The following is a confirm list of buildings connected to the RPTV Channel on Roger's Cable 991

Beanfield Metroconnect Buildings:

DuEast Condominiums (213 Sackville St, Toronto, ON M5A 3H1)
The Bartholomew Downtown East -
One Cole Condos (Cole St, Toronto, ON M5A 0A3)
One Park Place North Tower (170 Sumach St, Toronto, ON M5A 0C3)
One Park Place South Tower (170 Sumach St, Toronto, ON M5A 0C3)
Paintbox Condos -

RPTV Channel 991 is available to residents in Regent Park via Rogers Digital Cable channel 991.